Journey to Victory

Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

A question for you - - Do you want to be free?

If so, I want to welcome you to The Journey to Victory: Live the Life You Were Meant to Live. 

In today’s mixed-up world, where evil seems to be all around and a super- sexualized society is pushing its way into every aspect of our lives, a believer wanting to live in sexual integrity faces a huge challenge. 

Thankfully, the Bible gives great hope that the believer does not need to continually struggle and fail in the matter of sexual temptation. 

This course, Journey to Victory, is a helpful and motivating 15-Session journey into living a pure life. The teaching in this course reveals the Bible principles and the necessary action steps for successfully overcoming pornography, wrong thoughts and addictive sexual behavior. 

The easy to follow lessons are in digital format with PowerPoint. Each session includes fill-in-the-blank outlines, a study guide, and Action Steps for each session.The course includes the new Victory Course Workbook, the purity book Slay the Dragon, a Scripture memory Flip chart, a Bible Reading Guide with devotional questions, plus other resources. (Materials will be mailed out within 2-3 business days of our ministry receiving your enrollment and mailing information.)

Not only do the teaching sessions deal with living in sexual integrity, but they show a person how to develop a real and personal and satisfying walk with the Lord. The course is designed for men and young men who know the Lord and are seeking to finally break free from the bondage to sexual sin. 

There is hope for those in bondage because there is Jesus! You can be free! Others have found freedom and so can you. Let’s do this together. 

Take action today without risk!

I'm confident that this course will help you learn how to walk in freedom, so I'm offering a money back guarantee to anyone within 30 days of purchase.

The Courses in this Program:

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What Our Members Have to Say:

“The Lord has used Dave Brady & Journey to Victory to help me giving me hope when I had given up hope that I could see the Lord do a work in me to change me and break the chains of sin that kept tripping me up, pulling me down, and destroying my life and family!...The Journey to Victory material should be taught to every true believer in Christ, from those recently saved to mature leaders in ministry. ” ― D.T.
“As you know, this will likely be a lifelong battle for me... but I am very encouraged right now. I still face very real struggles and temptations, but the Lord has helped me to a place I maybe doubted a year ago I could ever be at....I've been reflecting on where I am now and what the Lord has enabled me to do, and it's quite amazing to me!” ― J.N.