Journey to Victory Complete Video Course

I know the the life you want to live. You want to live a life free of besetting sin. But there are some major things standing between you and that life.

I firmly believe there is no time like the present to get going down the road that leads to victory. Maybe you've already waited too long to start down that road. 

This Course is a comprehensive journey through 12 spiritual principles necessary to overcome unwanted sexual behavior and to live in victory.

If you're hesitant to start, just remember: Freedom is great! It's your inheritance as a child of God. So, let's jump in and get going. You can start your journey today!

Course Curriculum:

22 Lessons

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Where to Begin

Course Overview

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-- Introduction Videos --

Welcome & Intro to the Journey

An important kick-off to the Program

The Prince and the Dragon Story

A fascinating and helpful illustration of addictive sin patterns.

Session 1

Starting the Journey

Understanding that victorious living begins to come as you move toward freedom within the context of a deep, dependent relationship with the Lord.

Session 2

Discerning Root Issues in Besetting Sin

See what is "feeding" the impure actions that you often struggle with.

Session 3

Dying to Self

Understanding that MY life of selfishness must be conquered by “CHRIST'S Life” in order to see real progress over sexual sin.

Session 4

Experiencing True Repentance

Understanding that the sin that is breaking God’s heart has got to break yours.

Session 5

Having a Heart for God

Realizing that only by having a passionate heart of love for God, will you ever have enough reason to stay pure.

Session 6

Living in the Word of God

Understanding that God wants to implant the Bible into my heart, and make it a Sword at my side.

Session 7

Walking in the Fear of the Lord (Part 1)

Learning that properly recognizing God for His greatness leads me to honor Him and His wishes.

Session 8

Walking in the Fear of the Lord (Part 2)

Seeing that properly reverencing God keeps me in my proper place and saying no to sin.

Session 9

Understanding My Victory in Christ

Understanding that you can daily conquer sinful and selfish actions based on WHO you are and WHAT you are in CHRIST.

Session 10

Finding My Satisfaction in Jesus

Realizing that when you are content with all that you have in Jesus, sin and temptation lose their appeal.

Bonus: The 5 Escape Principles

Learning a workable and proven plan for daily victory.

Session 11

Becoming Accountable

Realizing that to find victory over deep-seated sin, you’re going to need a TEAMMATE.

Session 12

Establishing Boundaries & Safeguards

Understanding that setting up protective measures when you're STRONG will help you avoid sinful pitfalls when you're WEAK.

Session 13

Mastering My Inner Life

Learning that submitting your emotions to God’s control will prevent a multitude of sins and problems from developing.

Session 14

Having an Orderly & Self-Controlled Life

Seeing that a mature Christian will seek to live an ordered and structured life—a must-have trait to find freedom over the self-indulgent lifestyle of lust.

Session 15

Video 1 - The Victory Lessons

Remembering that God knows and holds all the keys to daily victory, and He’s glad to let you use them.

Video 2 - Claiming the Victory

Nailing down the keys to having every-day victory.